Spa in Thane

Spa in Thane

What is a Day Spa?

Day Spa is an establishment offering personal care spa treatments for stressed and strained persons. A spa experience can be worded as a body treatment offered by giving a message with or without using essential oils in a calm environment blended with soothing music making one feel relaxed and rejuvenated after treatment. A Day Spa offers a wide range of massage treatments to relieve one of mental agony. The main purpose of spa treatment is to improve health, beauty, and relaxation through personal care treatments like massages & facials thus making feel refresh and invigorate the person being treated.

Arianna Spa is a Day Spa offering various spa treatments to choose as per one’s need. Its staff consists of trained and experienced masseurs having complete knowledge of treatments. Arianna Spa is one of few spas in Thane to offer authentic spa treatments. It has designed its treatments by blending traditional massages with few signature strokes. This makes Arianna Spa one of its kind spas in the league. The Bible is ‘Touch Therapy’, Arianna Spa makes no use of mechanical equipment or like in its treatment.

Arianna Spa has both types of massage treatments viz. wet treatments and dry treatments.

Wet Treatments

Wet treatments are treatments using essential oils. Aroma Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Classical Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, Four Hand Massage, Potli massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Signature Fusion Therapy, Champi are a few wet treatments on the menu of Arianna Spa.

Dry Treatments

Dry treatments are treatments without using essential oils. Traditional Thai Massage, Corporate Massage, Reflexology, etc are a few dry treatments on the menu of Arianna Spa. Along with Wet and Dry treatments, Arianna Spa also offers various facials like Men’s Executive Facial, Champagne and Roses Facial, Whitening Facial, Fruit Facial, Herbal Facial to choose from. Various skin care treatments like Herbal Wrap, Aloe vera Wrap, Mud Wrap, Cucumber Wrap, Almond Scrub, Herbal Scrub, Aloe Vera Scrub, Lavender Scrub, Chocolate Scrub, etc are offered.

So come and experience this amazing world of ARIANNA SPA!

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