Swedish Massage in Thane

Swedish Massage in Thane

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the superficial and deeper layer of muscle and connecting tissues to enhance their function and promote relaxation along with well being. The popular massage used worldwide is a SWEDISH massage. The development of this massage is credited to a Swedish physical therapist ‘Per Henrik Ling’. The main aim of Swedish massage is relaxation, improvement of oxygen supply and removal of toxins. It is an ideal massage for the first time client.


A Day Spa is a spa which offers various services for improving health, beauty, and relaxation through personal care. They include services like body massages, scrubs, facials, wraps, reflexology, etc. The guests are totally pampered and are provided the best services to free them from daily stress and tensions.


Resort Spa commonly known as Destination Spa is a short-term residential facility spa offering various pampering services to its customers, who have come specially to relax to spend their weekends. Such spas offer an all-inclusive package which includes fitness classes, healthy cuisine, seminars, service to a beauty salon and spa. Guests make themselves comfortable at such destination spas and avail such packages instead of enjoying a pure vacation. These spas are generally located in resorts.

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